WordPress Weekly – Friday, November 8th, 2013

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WordPress Weekly November 8th 2013

The WordPress Weekly is a small roundup of recently published WordPress ‘n blogging-related posts from around the Web. Enjoy and Spread the word!

Advanced WordPress Menus: Plugins to Improve and Enhance the WP Menu System
These plugins allow you to enhance and improve the current WordPress menu system. In most cases they allow you to increase the amount of content and different types of information you can display in your dropdown menus, in order to… @jocanwrite

Boring, Boring WordPress: Why WP is Falling Behind
Another week, another set of plans for a new WordPress release and another massive anti-climax. Is the Ghost platform a serious challenger to WordPress?… @wptavern

Are We in the Middle of a WorPress Goldrush?
As WordPress approaches version 3.8 it is more popular than ever, with 3.7 reaching 4.8 million downloads in just a few weeks and WordPress.com is currently the 8th most visited website on the planet, it is seemingly unstoppable. I believe WordPress… @olidale

5 Ways to Encourage Your Visitors to Immediately Leave Your Website
Approx. 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy no matter how great your services/products are. Sad truth, right?… @bloggingtipscom

Blog Content Audit: What, Why, How
Content is the lifeblood of all marketing activities in the web 2.0 world. Content marketing has become a potent tool for all businesses. Both a large organization and a solopreneur need to employ content marketing to engage their audience and keep the sales funnel full… @B2Community

Why “Product First” is the Better Way to Build a Profitable Audience
The typical path to monetizing a blog looks something like this:

1. Write until someone starts paying attention.

2. Write more until that one person turns into dozens and hundreds.

3. Keep writing and teaching until you have thousands of rabid fans.

4. Launch an… @thinktraffic

10 wp-config Tweaks To Improve Your WordPress Site
Many WordPress users never open their site’s configurations file, wp-config.php, unless they need to enable multisite or enable debugging. The wp-config file is the blueprint for how your site functions and how it is structured. Just like when building an… @josh412

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Font Selection for WordPress
Let’s spend some time going over the rules of the web when it comes to selecting fonts — even if you’re a web design beginner — and how to implement them once you’ve made… @managewp

Did WordPress Make a Big Mistake With Auto-Updates?
WordPress 3.7 introduced auto-updates. On the surface this might seem like a great thing, but there are potential… @ITworld

4 Easy Ways Non-Coders Can Add Personality to a WordPress Theme
It wasn’t easy, but you finally settled on a premium theme for your self-hosted WordPress website.
You bought it, installed it, and watched all of your content magically reorganize itself inside the pages and sidebars of your new site. Your content is served up with new… @copyblogger

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