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An absolutely free series of videos perfect for WordPress beginners

Our WordPress Video series begins with our popular CORE Series of videos that will help you learn the basics of running your WordPress-powered websites. We have an Extended video series that helps you unlock the true power of WordPress. These videos currently cover social media, SEO and email marketing. We frequently add new videos and tutorials so you are always getting updated and fresh content.  Our program of video tutorials and written guides  is designed to help you launch and grow your website.

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Install WordPress video

The WordPress editor video guide

how do you use wordpress categories?

How can you edit the menu in WordPress?

How to manage comments

Can you add new users to WordPress?

Wordpress dashboard video tutorial

How do you create pages in WordPress?

What are WordPress widgets?

How to create hyperlinks in WordPress

How can you embed videos in WordPress?

coming soon video

What's the difference between posts and pages?

What are post formats?

How do you add a theme to WordPress?

How to use the WordPress media library

How to configure WordPress settings

How do you create blog posts?

How do you edit blog posts?

How do you install plugins?

How do you add images in WordPress?

Wordpress tools and tips

coming soon video

Extended Video Series and Content

Social media tips for WordPress

What is the SEO Smart Links plugin?

What is RSS?

Social Media plugin for WordPress

Email Integration part 1

Akismet Spam Plugin for WordPress

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Email Integration part 2

What's a good seo plugin for WordPress?

Email Integration part 3

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