WordPress Weekly – November 15th, 2013

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WordPress Weekly

The WordPress Weekly is a small roundup of recently published WordPress ‘n blogging-related posts from around the Web. Enjoy and Spread the word!

Choosing The Right WordPress Theme For Your Business: Interview With Ross Jones
In an interview conducted at Pubcon 2013 in Las Vegas, Ross Jones of 2 the Top Design gives some tips for choosing the right WordPress theme for your business…
@johnrampton via @sejournal

The Slow State of WordPress [Infographic]
Is WordPress feeling a bit slow? How does it affect your business, and how can you make things faster? We provide answers in this handy infographic…@wpmanage

Why the World Would End Without Blog Post Images
Ok – dramatic title i know. But – images really are incredibly important…
You’ve finished your blog post and it’s awesome, now to find an image, and that’s the easy bit, right? @IAmAaronAgius

Five Lessons Any Blogger Can Learn from Organized Crime
What can a blogger learn from the worst criminals in America? Well, loads of bad stuff, but also some truly epic lessons in how to create a great blog… @problogger

Roost Unveils Push Notification Plugin for WordPress Blogs
Roost (http://www.roost.me) has released a WordPress plugin that allows blogs to send push notifications to their readers whenever new content is published. The plugin is…

WordPress 3.8 Merge Window Closed: New Features Now Locked In
Today was an important day for moving forward on the WordPress 3.8 project schedule. The merge window is now closed for new features, which means…

Stunning WordPress Logos and Wallpaper
Are you a big fan of WordPress just like me? …want some well crafted wordpress logos and graphics for your posts… @masterblogster

Add Drama to WordPress Posts with Video for Featured Images
Replacing featured images with videos might sound gimmicky but before you dismiss the idea have a look at the New York Times Snow Fall article.

The NYT article proves that in the right template and with the right content, video can substantially enhance…@ChrisKnowles

10 WP-Config.PHP Hacks Every Developer Should Know
Most of the WordPress users never open wp-config file, unless they want to enable multisite feature or debugging while developing. Making minor changes in this file can power up your WordPress site with enhanced performance and improved…

What Form Builder Should I Use?
Of all the form plugins out there, it seems that the mighty Gravity Forms is the undisputed king. But of course, that doesn’t mean you should blindly use it just because “everybody else uses it“. How do other plugins compare?… @wpmayor

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