review of wp engine

Why We Use WP Engine to Host our Website

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review of wp engine

Here’s my personal and completely biased review of WP Engine (hey, I use them on Wpresstic and have no complaints thus far!)

Throughout the years, I have used and recommended several WordPress hosting companies. There really are some good hosting companies that provide great service and value to their clients. In my search to find a hosting company for this site, I kept hearing about this up-and-coming company that provides WordPress-managed hosting services. The company was WP Engine.

They can be considered a more niche hosting company as they specialize in WordPress hosting. This was very appealing so I decided to do some research. Here’s some pretty cool features they offer, which helped me to “pull the trigger” and go with them.

They focus specifically on WordPress

As oppose to other hosting companies that provide various hosting services for any website platform or software, WP Engine specializes in WordPress hosting. Put another way, their entire team is focused on WordPress-specific hosting services.

Automated site backups

They backup your site daily and also have an easy “restore” option that allows you to backup your site whenever you want with just a couple mouse clicks. This really is a great feature that is worth it’s weight in digital gold! As much as I love BackupBuddy, I just have no use for it with Wpresstic as my backups are fully covered. Daily automated backups…check! Ability to do a full backup anytime I want to…check! Ability to restore any backup point with one click of the mouse…check!

They monitor your site for hackers and suspicious activity

This is a very reassuring and necessary feature. Again, because they specialize in WordPress, they know exactly what to look for and will fix any issues they can. Additionally, they have installed a couple of security-related plugins to help secure your site – Limit Logins (you can configure how many bad login attempts you will allow before that user/hacker is locked out) and the Enforce Strong Passwords plugin.

They focus on site speed and performance 

I know this sounds cliche as you can find this claim with most hosting companies. With that said, they have taken precautions to test many plugins and will not even allow some plugins which they have identified to be resource-intensive. This may sound like a bad thing to some people but I personally find it reassuring to know that they do this. I run some very popular plugins (Yoast, SimplePress, Wishlist, etc) and I have not had any issues with needing to use any plugin they do not allow.

Additionally, they have automatically crafted their hosting service to perform many tasks that other plugins perform, such as a Cache plugin. They take care of that for you.

Their unique staging area is awesome!

They are the only hosting company that provides this for WordPress sites (that I’m aware of). Their staging area is specifically designed for you to test changes to your website without having to do so on your live site. With a few clicks, you can make an exact copy of your website. login to your newly created staging site and test new themes, plugins, website upgrades and more.

For those who know the frustrations of making changes to a live site, only to see it break, this truly is a fantastic feature. With the staging area, you don’t need to worry about screwing up some CSS or having a faulty plugin or theme mess up your live website. This alone makes their hosting service well worth the price. You can also make all your changes on the staging site and push them to your live site. I’ve done this half a dozen times without any issues.

They have many more great features and we strongly encourage you to check them out. We have been very satisfied with their service and would not recommend them if we didn’t trust and believe in their service.

They do charge a little more per month than most shared hosting plans you can get with other providers, but it’s well worth it. Shared hosting plans typically cost around $5 – $10 dollars per month. As of this writing, WP Engine’s plans start at $30; a reasonable price for any serious WordPress user.

They also are offering a 60 day money-back guarantee and 2 months of free hosting when you pre-pay for 1 year. Not a bad deal.

Get 2 months free hosting with WP Engine on any shared annual plan

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