can you make money with wordpress?

Can You Make Money with WordPress?

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can you make money with wordpress?

Question: Is it possible to make money using WordPress?

Answer: Yes. Anyone with a website, no matter the platform or business model, has an opportunity to make money.

Anyone with a website has an opportunity to make money. Period! This is a very simplistic statement, but it is true.

Think of a brick-and-mortar store. If the owners can get people to come to their store and purchase their products or services, they can make money.

Websites can be run in the same fashion. They can be thought of as digital storefronts for selling products or services. Of course, many people don’t build websites or blogs with the intent to make money. However, if you are interested in making money online you can, and using WordPress to build your money-making website is a great way to go.

What kind of websites running WordPress are making money?

  • Blogs – both big and small
  • Online Magazine-style websites – typically have many writers staffed and is a digital version of a newspaper or magazine.
  • Small businesses with a brick-and-mortar storefront in addition to their website.
  • Small businesses that only have a website.
  • Ecommerce stores – again, some with a brick-and-mortar store and some that are purely online.

No matter what your business model is, you can use WordPress to make money.

You may have the coolest website in the world, but if it’s located in the digital-equivalent of a corn field in Iowa, no one will ever find it. To make money, you need people to find your website.
The name of the game is eyeballs. If you can get targeted traffic to your website, then you have the opportunity to leverage that traffic to make money. This is a pretty straightforward concept in business. There have been plenty of businesses that provide a great mix of products that people need or want, but they fail because they never figured out how to market their business and get the necessary traffic to their store. Same principle applies to online businesses.

Now it should be noted for those reading this, that there is a difference between and If you are serious about making money online with WordPress, you do NOT want to use That link you just read (psst…the one in the previous sentence), will give your more details.

To learn more about how people currently use WordPress to make money, check out the post Blogging for a Living. I wrote in more detail about how people are using WordPress to generate income.

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