WPresstic was started by a couple of WordPress enthusiasts who simply wanted to create a site about WordPress that would be both a platform for us to write about…. well, WordPress and also to help others with it.

We firmly believe that the Internet has given individuals the ability to do things they never though possible. By having the ability to carve out your own space on the Internet, you can be immediately connected to millions of people throughout the world. In terms of communication, this is simply amazing. In terms of business, it’s incredible.

The individual and small business owner can now compete with the “big boys” and be very successful in his/her digital endeavors.  Small time bloggers can become authoritative experts in their niche. Small business owners can grow their business at a fraction of the price.

Entrepreneurs can make money online with very little up-front cost. You don’t need to rent office space in a strip mall in order to begin a business. You can build your company or store online and do so more quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

We think that WordPress can play an integral role in this. We are entrepreneurs at heart and want to help people take advantage of this new digital frontier and become wildly successful!

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