WordPress Weekly November 22nd 2013

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WordPress Weekly
The WordPress Weekly is a small roundup of recently published WordPress ‘n blogging-related posts from around the Web. Enjoy and Spread the word!

4 Managed WordPress Hosting Providers to Consider
Managed WordPress hosting came about because many WordPress sites, from small time bloggers to large businesses, wanted more security and support than was provided by standard hosts. They wanted expertise from hosts that focused solely WordPress… @practicalecomm

An Introduction to WordPress Theme Anatomy for Beginners
Seasoned WordPress users are pretty familiar with the concept of themes. They allow you to customize your site and swap out functions and features as you see fit. There are tons of themes to choose from, both free and premium, that give you robust options… @managewp

Best Practices for Using Tags in WordPress
WordPress post tags are an often misunderstood and misused feature. Bloggers all seem to use them differently and it’s very rare to see them used consistently on a site… @woothemes

WordPress 3.8 Beta 1 is Upon Us
3.8 brings together several of the features as plugins projects and while this isn’t our first rodeo, expect this to be more beta than usual. The headline things to test out in this release are:…

WordPress Goes to Court to Fight Copyright Takedown Abuse
WordPress.com parent company Automattic and two WordPress users have sued two defendants who attempted to use American copyright law to remove online speech critical of their actions…

What To Do When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing With WordPress
No matter what level of WordPress user you are, from WordPress newbie to official Level 7 Rock Star Ninja Developer, you are going to get stuck from time to time…

Schema Creator by Raven Tools Plugin Review
This is the second installment in our plugin review series on adding Schema.org support to WordPress… @wpuni

Theme Framework Explained [Animated Infographic]
Find out the relationship between wordPress parent and child themes in a very cool way… @SupportDash

65 Responsive WordPress Themes to Look Into
Responsive web design aims to display a website correctly across all devices including mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Designs that have been optimised correctly will look good on … @KevinMuldoon

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