Wordpress Infographic

WordPress Infographics

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If you’re in the process of looking for a great platform to build a blog or website, then take a look at WordPress. It is hands down the best option if you’re looking to… build a simple blog, build a complex blog and make money, build a website for your small business, build a website for your fortune 500 company, sell your products, sell other people’s products, create a magazine style website, create a blog on an existing company website….you get the idea!

At WordPresstic, we are WordPress enthusiasts and help people launch and grow their WordPress-powered websites. We believe WordPress’s highly functional, yet easy-to-use platform is a match made in heaven for millions of people looking to build their own space on the web. Of course, millions upon millions of people around the world have already made the choice to use WordPress. Take a look at some of the Infographics below to see just why WordPress is so popular.

WordPress statistics

Wordpress Infographic

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