Using Wordpress to build a business website

Using WordPress for a Business Site Is a Great Idea

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Using WordPress to build a business website

Question: Should I Use WordPress for My Business Website?

Answer: Absolutely. It’s the most cost-effective and flexible solution for small businesses with a “tight” budget.

Let’s dig into why WordPress is a great option for your small business.

There is a common misconception out “there” that WordPress is merely a blogging platform. Although WordPress was first created as a blogging platform, it has since grown into a full fledged content management system. The range of WordPress spans from the creation of a simple diary-like blog to a corporate site or even an eCommerce site selling hundred of products.

4 Common Business Uses of WordPress

1. Adding a WordPress blog to an already-existing website.

This is typically done by installing WordPress on a subdomain or subfolder of a static website. Many business owners who created websites eons ago – by eon I mean early 2000’s – want to keep their existing website as-is but want to add a more robust content management system. This line of thinking also holds true for modern companies who just want to use WordPress to power the blog-section of their website. Below are a few examples of companies that run a site where only their blog is powered by WordPress; the rest of the site runs on another platform.

Real-time analytics and data to help you act now – GoSquared

Official LinkedIn Blog. Yes, LinkedIn uses WordPress to power its blog.

Panic – Shockingly Good Software.

2. Using WordPress as a combination of a static website and blog.

Because WordPress easily allows you to create static pages in addition to blog posts, it can be used to run an entire website; not just a blog. Business owners using this approach will create a static homepage (among other static pages showcasing and describing their services they provide), and have a blog in addition to this. Here’s a few examples of companies using WordPress in this manner:


Content Marketing Solutions from Copyblogger


Real Estate Agent Mosman Neutral Bay. Property for sale rent

3. Using WordPress as a CMS without a blog

Some companies simply don’t use a blog in concert with their website. Below are a few examples of companies using WordPress to run a static website without a blog.

Self Storage Rental Units, Locations, and Facilities: Public Storage Canada |

Island Hotels Group – Best Hotels and Resorts in Malta


4. Using WordPress to run an eCommerce store

WordPress has really grown over the past few years with respect to eCommerce. WordPress design companies like WooThemes with their WooCommerce suite and iThemes’ Exchange eCommerce solution have done some really innovated the use of WordPress for eCommerce.

Below are some examples of companies using WordPress as an eCommerce website:


Wooden Sunglasses

Home Page – Baking Steel



You can see more websites using WordPress in the WordPress showcase

One of the major benefits of using WordPress is its relative ease-of-use. You do not need to be a coding or html wizard. WordPress is used by literally tens of thousands of people and very few of them have any kind of a computer programming background.

Additionally, due to the popularity of WordPress, there is a huge community of WordPress developers, marketing experts, consultants, theme developers and other WordPress-specific professionals who can help you take your idea for a website and make it a reality. Having a large community of people who are WordPress-specific experts is a huge benefit to small business owners with limited time and resources. I strongly believe that WordPress is the best solution for any small business owner looking to build a business website.


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