add facebook button to wordpress blog post

What is the Best Plugin to Add the Facebook “Like” Button

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add facebook button to wordpress blog post
There are literally hundreds of WordPress plugins that will allow you to add Facebook social share buttons to your post and pages. In order to make your “hunt” for the perfect plugin a bit easier, I will break down your options into a couple different categories.

Just Facebook Plugins

If you really have no desire to add social media plugins from other sites like Twitter or Instagram, then these plugins will do the trick.

Ok, this one isn’t a WordPress plugin. You’re getting the code “straight from the horses mouth” on this one. This is Facebook’s step-by-step instructions page for adding the “like” and “share” buttons to any page on your site. Look over the directions and if you find yourself scratchin’ your head, then keep scrolling down to these other options.

Easy Facebook Likebox Plugin

easy facebook like box plugin

This one will allow you to add the “like” button to any page or post you want. You can automatically have the button added to just posts or pages, or you can use a shortcode to manually add it to individual posts/pages as you see fit.

In addition to the button, it has other really cool Facebook features you can integrate into your site. If you have an actual fan page on Facebook, then you can add your Facebook feed to your site and a like box. You’ve probably seen the se like boxes on other blogs before. Check it out:

Facebook like box example

Facebook Button by BestWebSoft

This plugin is a bit more simplistic and good for anyone who just wants the “like” button and nothing else. Best Web Soft has over 40 plugins to their credit and do a good job with the development of this plugin. You have the options to add a “follow”, “like” or “share button with this plugin.

facebook like button plugin

Social Media Plugins

These plugins range in features and the number of social networks they have. Most of the reputable social media plugins will offer you the ability to add anywhere from a dozen to well over 100 different social media button on your posts and pages. All of the ones I list below are will provide you with these features, at minimum:

Ability to add social media buttons from Facebook and all of the other major social networks.
Ability to add the buttons to just posts or just pages or both.
Ability to choose where you want the buttons to be positioned – at the bottom of a post, atop a post, float to the left, etc

These plugins do have other features (some of which you may not need), but I think they will be more than adequate for what you are looking for. Give these plugins a “test drive” and see what you think – they are all free. (we use this one)

I hope this helps you answer your “What’s the best plugin for adding the Facebook “Like” button ” question.

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