how do you install wordpress plugins

How to Install WordPress Plugins

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how do you install wordpress plugins

So, how do you install WordPress plugins?

Well, there are a couple of different ways to install WordPress plugins. the most used method for installing plugins is to search for plugins in the WordPress plugin directory and upload them from there. You can access the directory in your WordPress dashboard. When you login to your dashboard, you will notice the menu navigation on the leftside. If you hover over the ‘Plugins’ section of this left navigation and click on ‘Add New’, it will take you to the directory of WordPress plugins. There are thousands of plugins in here to choose from.

The video below will walk you through the steps on how to do this.

You can also upload plugins from outside of the plugin directory. The common way people do this is by visiting the website of a developer who created a plugin. Often times, these are plugins you have to pay for.  In these cases, after you buy the plguin you will be given access to the plugin files for downloading.

When you go to the ‘Add New’ page I previously mentioned, you will see an option atop the page called ‘Upload Plugin’. If you click on this, it will take you to a screen where you can upload a file from your computer.

how to install a plugin for wordpress

Clicking on this will allow you to find the plugin files on your computer and upload them into WordPress. Make note of the fact that the plugin file needs to be in a .zip format. If you download plugins outside of the directory, you will see that most developers will provide you with the files already in .zip format. You just need to remember to keep the files in this format (don’t extract them). Once you locate the files, simply install and activate the plugin.

Well, I hope that helps to answer the ‘how to install a WordPress plugin’ question. Good luck!

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