republish wordpress blog posts

Can You Edit a Blog Post in WordPress That’s Already Been Published?

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republish wordpress blog posts

Questions: If I have already published a blog post or page, can I edit it and re-publish it?

Answer: Absolutely.

You can edit and re-edit any blog post or page until your heart’s content. Although it is recommended to “make like an editor” and review your posts and pages before you click the ‘publish’ button, you don’t have to worry about things being set in stone. I can’t count how many times of published a post and re-read it live, only to find a couple of silly grammatical errors that needed to be fixed.

If you do have some changes you would like to make, simply open up the post/page in the editor, make your changes and hit the ‘publish’ button again. This will not create a new post or change the date of the original post – which is good. It wouldn’t make much sense for every edit of an original post to become a new post. It is common for people to make changes/edits to posts and pages for various reasons, so feel free to do the same.



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